Management Committee

Mr. Kenneth Gordon – President

Justice Gregory Smith – Vice President

Mr. Colin Murray – Honorary Secretary

Mr. Ruthven Jack – Honorary Treasurer

Mr. Jeffrey Guillen – Cricket Captain

Dr. Nigel Camacho – Member of Management

Mr. Laurence Richardson – Member of Management

Mr. Martin Rollock – Member of Management

Mr. Ronald Murray – Member of Management

Mr. Allan Clayton – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kishore Williams – Managing Committee Member

Ballot Committee

Mr. David Soverall

Mr. Richard Joseph

Mr. Paul de Gannes

Mr. Raphael Culpepper

Mr. Richard Commissiong

Cricket Committee

Mr. Jeffrey Guillen

Mr. David Furlonge

Mr. Gregory Davis

Mr. Aaron Kurbanali

Mr. Imran Jan

Mr. Charles Guillen

Hockey Committee

Justice Gregory Smith

Mr. Andre Attale – Chairman

Mr. Brian Lee Chow – Vice Chairman

Mr. Rob Wyatt – Junior Academy Director

Mr. Basil Alcala – Secretary

Mr. Jordan Reynos – Captain

Mr. Errol Dos Santos – Treasurer

Mr. Raphael Govia – Floor Member

Mr. Jerazano Bell – Floor Member


Football Committee

Mr. Matthew Leach – Chairman

Mr. Colm de Freitas

Mr. Scott Rodriguez

Lawn Tennis Committee

Mrs. Sarah Uhre – Chairperson

Mr. Mark Henderson

Mr. Stuart Hart

Gym Committee

Dr. Nigel Camacho

Mr. Roger Hadeed – Co. Chairman

Mr. Andrew Persad – Co. Chairman

Mr. Brian Mouttet

Mr. Brian Joseph

Mr. Theron Marquez

Mr. Robert Couri

Mr. Curtis Gosein

Ansel Howell – Chairman

Nicholas Hospedales

Jonathan Decle

Norman da Costa

Gordon Burke

Entertainment Committee

Mr. Colin Murray

Mr. David Soverall – Chairman

Mr. Ronald Murray – Sporting Heroes Chairman & Pots of Gold Chairman

Mr. Azad Ali – Windball Cricket Chairman

Mr. Keith Chin Cheong – Poker Chairman

Mr. Wayne Dopson – Oh Kaiso Boy

Mr. Richard Commission – Committee Member

Mr. Kishore Williams – Committee Member

Mr. George Wilcox – Committee Member

Mrs. Mary Siu Butt – Committee Member

Mr. Patrick Grell – Committee Member

Mrs. Marie Mouttet – Committee Member

Squash Committee

Mr. Sheldon Waithe

Mr. Richard Hart – Chairman

Mr. Ryan Jagessar – Events Director

Mr. David Scott – Facilities

Mr. Earl Wilson – Treasurer

Mr. Michael Thompson – Secretary

Mr. Brian Jackson – Member

Table Tennis Committee

Mr. Ronald Murray – Chairman

Mr. Anthony Alleng – Treasurer

Mr. Stuart Henderson – Secretary/Section Captain

Mr. Phillip McDavid – Floor Member

Mr. Fred Archer – Floor Member

Benevolent Fund Committee

Mr. Kenneth Gordon – President

Mr. Colin Murray – Honorary Secretary

Mr. Ruthven Jack – Honorary Treasurer

Mr. Barry Davis

Mr. Raphael Govia

Mr. David Carew


Join/Sponsor The Club

Whether you want to become a member of our prestigious club or you’re interested in advertising at our multi-purpose facility or sponsoring an academy or team we can point you in the right direction. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.